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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Many Inkers of Gene Colan!

Judging from comments and emails I have received from previous posts featuring Gene Colan art, I know there are quite a few fans of his who read this here blog! In light of that, I thought it would be fun to show a few examples of Colan's pencils that were inked by various other artists. Luckily, most of the romance stories from Marvel during the runs of My Love and Our Love Story were credited -- making most of these inker identifications straightforward. From what I can tell, most of Colan's 1960s DC romance work (and there is a lot of it!) was self-inked, including the first two examples here. Dig in and enjoy, and be sure to click on the individual pages to get a closer look!

Inks: Gene Colan
 "I Would Never Find Love!"
Girls' Romances #98 (January 1964)

Inks: Gene Colan
"Reach for Happiness!" Episode One
Secret Hearts #110 (March 1966) 

 Inks: Jim Mooney
"The Boy That Got Away!"
My Love #4 (March 1970)

Inks: Frank Giacoia
"You Can't Love Again!"
Our Love Story #4 (April 1970)

Inks: John Romita
"--But He's the Boy I Love!"
Our Love Story #5 (June 1970)

Inks: Dick Ayers
"I Loved You Once -- Remember?"
My Love # 9 (January 1971)

 Inks: Sal Buscema
"How Do We Know When It's Really Love?"
Our Love Story #24 (August 1973)

Out of these examples here, I personally like the Jim Mooney and John Romita inks the best. I am curious to know what you think! Whose inks in your opinion really make Colan's work shine? 

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