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Friday, November 18, 2011

1963 Romance-Themed Wonder Woman House Ads

Ad from
Girls' Love Stories #94
(April 1963)

Ad from
Falling in Love #60
(July 1963)

Hey all! Above are two Wonder Woman house ads hailing from romance issues with 1963 cover dates. Last year I shared a few Wonder Woman ads from the late '60s and early '70s romance issues advertising the issues in which Wonder Woman renounced her powers and lived as Diana Prince. The above ads were published years earlier, but were similarly directed toward the romance comic audience. Though Wonder Woman was billed as a super-heroine, these ads sent the message to romance comic readers that she was still relatable and not immune to the hardships associated with love -- despite her super powers.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Romance Comic Book Ads Starring Wonder Woman and Supergirl!

What I love most about long term research (which I consider Sequential Crush and my pursuit of romance comic knowledge to be) is that over time, various pieces of information come to the fore. As many of you probably remember, last spring I presented at the Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association's annual conference a piece titled, "The Look of Love - The Romantic Era of DC's Lois Lane, Supergirl and Wonder Woman." One of the sections of my presentation chronicled the ways in which the marketing campaigns of Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane, Adventure Comics starring Supergirl, Supergirl's solo title, and Wonder Woman were designed to be highly attractive to the readers of romance comics. Recently, I came across a few more examples of house ads which illuminate the tactics to win over already established romance fans of the time. Have a look!

The above two-page spread is from Girls' Romance #134 (July 1968). On the left-hand side is an advertisement for Wonder Woman #177 (July/August 1968) -- the issue directly prior to the issue debuting the "new," mod Diana Prince. The ad lifts the cover image of Wonder Woman #177 where Wonder Woman and Supergirl are seen fighting over a potential husband -- Klamos. Now pan to the right-hand side of the spread to the splash page of "Memory of Heartbreak!" The page depicts two Jay Scott Pike charmers "battling" it out over a potential mate -- Bruce. Interestingly enough, the positioning of the characters on the advertisement and the splash page mimic each other; dark-haired vixen to the left and light-haired beauty to the right. Intentional? Coincidence? Either way, it is probably safe to say that DC editors were gearing up to court the romance reader accustomed to female rivalry in their romance titles.

The next example that I recently found in Girls' Love Stories #145 (August 1969) is more clear-cut. Addressed to "Girls!" who "dig romance," there is no doubt that in this ad, DC was trying to sway romance readers to give Wonder Woman a try. With those awesome fonts, wouldn't you have?!

This final ad selling Supergirl #6 (August 1973), appeared in Falling in Love #142 (August/September 1973). Besides the imagery of Supergirl smooching a presumed "Gang Lord," readers are given a sense of the romantic content from the copy of the ad. Implying that Supergirl has to choose between her emotions and making peace amongst the bad guys (part of her superhero job description), this ad posits Supergirl as being one in the same as her romance comic counterparts.

Like I mentioned earlier, one of the exciting parts of learning about a topic in-depth is all the nuanced pieces of information that seem to pop up as time goes on. These ads may not be earth-shattering revelations or long-lost drafts, but they do add nicely to the body of evidence suggesting that DC was attempting to lure fans of romance comics over to the superhero genre. If I find any more such examples, I will be sure to share them! Until then... have a great weekend!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

SpringCon Update + Fun Find

I reported here last week that Elizabeth Berube would be making an appearance at SpringCon in Minnesota the third weekend in May. Unfortunately, since I posted that announcement it has been brought to my attention by one of the convention organizers that she has had to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances. Lets hope that she will be able to make it next year!

Romance comics are truly a vast and deep treasure trove. I was reminded of that fact when the other day I was preparing the Palisades Amusement Park post and in the same issue (Girls' Romances #134) I stumbled upon this -- a little plug for the new mod Wonder Woman in the advice column, "Julia Roberts, Romance Counselor." Cool, huh?! Too bad I hadn't found this earlier. It would have been perfect for my PCA/ACA presentation! Better late than never, right?

I wonder if anyone did write in to Julia Roberts about the new Wonder Woman? Rest assured, the search continues!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Look of Love

Greetings! As promised last week, I present to you The Look of Love - The Romantic Era of DC's Lois Lane, Supergirl and Wonder Woman, by yours truly! Click here to download the PDF. This booklet was prepared in conjunction with a presentation I gave at the Popular Culture Association and the American Culture Association Annual Meeting held last week in St. Louis, MO.

Although I usually try to stick to the romance comics here at Sequential Crush, I couldn't resist presenting on these late 196os/early '70s issues of Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane, Adventure Comics featuring Supergirl, Supergirl's short-lived solo title and Wonder Woman. As you will see, these issues embody many of the lovable qualities of romance comics. They also showcase the amazing artwork and fast paced stories by many of the same creative teams that worked on the romance comics including Win Mortimer, Werner Roth, John Rosenberger, Vince Colletta, Robert Kanigher, Tony DeZuniga, Mike Sekowsky and the recently departed Dick Giordano.

Please enjoy!!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Look at What's to Come!

Hi friends! I am currently in St. Louis for the Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association National Conference! I am presenting a paper entitled, "The Look of Love - The Romantic Era of DC's Lois Lane, Supergirl and Wonder Woman" and learning lots of cool stuff about comics and pop culture! When I return early next week, I will be posting the paper here on Sequential Crush!

Have a wonderful weekend! See you next soon!!!

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